• School of Economics

The history of the School of Economics can be traced back to the early 20th century. East China Normal University was one of the first universities to set up a doctoral program in Economics, in 1981. World Economics became a key discipline in Shanghai as early as 1996. The famous economist Chen Biaoru started international finance research in China was the first to cultivate doctoral students in international finance.

The School of Economics consists of the departments of Economics, Finance, and International Economics and Trade. The school includes two first-level disciplines of Applied Economics and Theoretical Economics, a first-level doctoral program in Applied Economics, and a post-doctoral research station in Theoretical Economics and Applied Economics.

The School is home to a number of high-level research institutes: the East China Normal University and Shanghai People’s Government Development Research Center, the China Financial Research Institute, the Shanghai M & A Finance Research Institute, the China Economic Research Center, the International Finance Research Institute, and the Offshore Finance Research Center.