• Academy of Statistics and Interdisciplinary Sciences

The Academy of Statistics and Interdisciplinary Sciences (ASIS), affiliated to the Faculty of Economics and Management, East China Normal University, was established in May 2018. It aims to develop the field of statistics and related interdisciplinary fields. On the one hand, ASIS focuses on the field of statistics and is dedicated to developing frontier theories and methods in statistics. On the other hand, ASIS promotes integration across disciplines such as economics, business administration and public administration. Further, ASIS will be the important and high-level base for training and hosting academic exchanges that will have significant international influence.

ASIS is a relatively independent research entity with a tenure track system. ASIS currently has openings for faculty members in China and overseas. The relevant disciplines for these openings include statistics, econometrics, finance, behavioral science, management science, business administration, and computer science. Taking the Academy of Advanced Studies at Princeton University as a role model, ASIS aims to conduct high-end scientific research in statistics and related interdisciplinary studies and advance the innovation and development of statistics and its interdisciplinary areas.