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Statistical Theory and Related Fields

The First English Academic Journal in Statistics in Mainland China

Officially founded in 2017, Statistical Theory and Related Fields is an international academic journal sponsored jointly by East China Normal University (ECNU) and the Chinese Association for Applied Statistics (CAAS), and is published by ECNU in collaboration with Taylor & Francis Group. It is committed to publishing significant and original articles in modern statistical theory and related fields in natural, economical, medical, and social science. It lays great emphasis on meeting the needs of statistical application and methodology development in a rapidly changing world, and promoting the use of statistics in quantitative studies and interdisciplinary investigations. 

Statistical Theory and Related Fields includes the following types of articles: Original article, Review article, Research notes, Book reviews, Conference papers and Dissertation letters. The editorial board is composed of well-known scholars in China and other countries, of which international editors account for about two-thirds.